Storer College Students in World War I
“A Black College closed in 1955
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Bird-Brady House
in the Search field
Storer History
Hope on the Hill: The Story of Harpers Ferry’s Storer College (2017)
(featuring the Storer College choir)
Portia E. Lovett Bird
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Dr. Madison Briscoe
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Dr. Madison Briscoe
Class of 1924
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Briscoe: Man of Science and Substance 
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1946 Storer College Commencement
Paying tribute to Ella P. Stewart
Wheaton, John Francis (1866–1922)
Wheaton, John Francis (1866–1922)
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Suffragist Coralie Franklin Cook
The Pioneer Press
John Robert Clifford
Allen Eugene Cole
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Nnamdi Azikiwe
First President of Nigeria
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Allen E Cole
Documentarian of a City's People 
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Don Redman
Jazz Musician
Storer College

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