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Kathryn Peddrew

Updated: Feb 28

Biographical Data: Born 1922 in Martinsburg, West Virginia Education: Graduated Storer College in 1943; majored in Chemistry NACA/NASA Experience: Employed 1943-1986; Computer, West Area Computers; involved in research on balance in the Instrument Research Division

Kathryn Peddrew graduated from college with a degree in Chemistry in 1943. As an African- American woman, she faced many challenges while pursuing a career in the sciences during this period. Hired right after graduation, Peddrew was assigned to the West Area Computers at Langley, and began a career at NACA/NASA that spanned forty-three years. Involved in both aeronautical and aerospace research, Peddrew recalled the excitement at Langley when the first astronauts trained there, and the many breakthroughs made during the early space program.


Beverly Golemba, Human Computers: The Women in Aeronautical Research, unpublished manuscript 1994, NASA Langley Archives.

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