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Dr. Madison Briscoe Class of 1924

Dr. Madison Briscoe (Class of 1924, standing left) went on to serve on the faculty of Howard University and distinguished himself for his research in the field of parasitology. Dr. Briscoe served for a time on the Storer faculty earlier in his career. He and his wife Marie Byers Briscoe bought a beautiful 19th-century home in Harpers Ferry on Washington St. in the 1950s, while he was teaching at Howard. (Source: “To Emancipate the Mind and Soul”). Briscoe Africa House was built circa 1880. Its second empire architecture features three and a half stories, three front bays, and a gabled peak over a mansard roof. Today, the house honors the spirit of Dr. Briscoe by blending traditional stylings of the early 1900's with artwork gathered from around the globe.

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