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About the SCNAA

Storer College was a historically and predominantly black college located in Harpers Ferry in Jefferson CountyWest Virginia. Established as a normal school to train black teachers, it operated from 1867 until 1955. Established after the American Civil War with the help of philanthropic Baptists from New England and, especially Maine, it lost state funding after the Brown v. Board of Education ruling by the United States Supreme Court that said segregated public schools were unconstitutional. The state decided to fund other facilities that could offer more education.

The defunct college's former campus and buildings were acquired by the National Park Service, authorized in a 1962 appropriation, as part of what is now called the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. At the same time the NPS began to develop this facility for use as one of its four national training centers.

A very small school started in 1865 with a straightforward mission: to provide an education to former slaves. For 25 years Storer College was the only school in West Virginia where any person of color could get an education beyond the primary level.

Our Mission

To unite former Storer College students and graduates with family members and friends for the purpose of celebrating their heritage and the school’s rich history.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To preserve the legacy and cherish the memories of Storer College and its students

Our Goal

To revitalize the SCNAA, to grow our membership and to provide the next generation of scholars with a helping hand.  In order to meet these goals, we need your financial assistance to help offset our operating expenses and to build our scholarship fund.

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